Who we are?

The Dacri S.r.l. was born in 2007 from an idea of its Sole Director Stefano Casale, who abandoned his career as a professional 
footballer and decided to give push and confidence to his entrepreneurial vein. The main objective of the company is the
supply of services such as design and construction, both at industrial and civil level, in the construction sector, in
electrical systems technology, in plumbing engineering, in particular in water collection works on road structures. with relative
disposal of the same, air conditioning, gas and construction systems, taking care of the execution of the works from the design
to the final test. In addition, it has a significant operational structure, with offices equipped with specific equipment and
modern means for the construction of the works, makes use of high technical-instrumental resources and occupies an average annual
workforce of twelve highly specialized units, in addition to personnel of undoubted quality, which allows to obtain production
results above the average of direct competitors, with competitive quotations and operates throughout the national territory.
The main characteristic that distinguishes us is certainly the reliability and fairness in carrying out our business.
The quality is guaranteed with the use of cutting-edge solutions and products that allow to achieve the set objectives.
To the professional competence is added an adequate knowledge and experience in the regulatory field, guaranteeing the highest
quality standards required in the design, in the implementation implementing them with Quality Systems according to the
regulations in force. The result is a company that intervenes with seriousness and professionalism guaranteeing reliability.


The main goal is customer satisfaction and the creation from the beginning, for a clear and serene. At the center of our efforts is the customer who must:

• Have a valid technical advice for the best solution to your needs.

• Be informed of how it will develop the work from design to construction, up to the final inspection of the work.

• To have the best finished product, the result of continuous research of higher standards of materials available on the domestic and foreign market.

• Enjoy total control during processing and mass in security work in a workmanlike manner by skilled, qualified and up to date on all the circumstances of the works.


Dacri srl It is able to offer customers a wide range of services and supplies with the utmost care, technology and high quality. Here are some examples of types of services provided:


• Design, construction and renovation of buildings both civil and industrial use.

• Design and construction of roads, state, provincial, municipal and rural with related works in c.a ..

• Design and construction of roads of road barriers type of protection works of all types (safety on board Side on Border Bridge, Bollard, integrated acoustic and simple).

• Design and Implementation of aqueducts incluso uptake of source and distribution.

• Design and Implementation and sewer systems.

• Design and Implementation of sports facilities with services etc.

• Design and Implementation of green works with ancillary installations.


• Electrical installations in civil and industrial sectors. burglar alarms.

• Fire prevention systems. video surveillance systems.

• Systems of automation doors and gates. telephone systems and data transmission.

• air handling and ventilation system.

• heating and conditioning systems.